Why Partner with Us?

Villas of Bali, an experienced and leading company in Bali’s hospitality industry, is expanding our services to provide villa management.

We are the experienced and trusted Bali villa management agency, offering full service villa management, taking responsibility for all aspects of operations, from client pick-ups to villa maintenance. Providing the best marketing to ensure high occupancy and turnover.

You have found the villa and have made your investment, now it is time to put your asset to work.

Your property is in good hands; our team consists of professionals in real-estate and hospitality-industry. You can choose a variety of service packages, ranging from marketing, staff management and/ or villa maintenance arrangements. Contact us if you want your villa managed to its fullest potential.

If you don’t have the time and experience to manage your own rental property, it is a smart and profitable idea to hire us to perform these tasks.
Bali Villa Manager will oversee the performance of your income-producing property, ensuring that your investment provides you with maximum revenue and minimum headache.

Warm Regards,


Bali Villa Manager